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Merchant Research & Consulting, Ltd.

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Merchant Research and Consulting, Ltd. is the market research company. The company specializes in researching numerous aspects of the chemical sector and related industries markets. Our company consists of two international research brands Merchant Research and Consulting and BAC Reports. Both brands are well known at the market and become real quality label and industry standard for market report professionals.

Working in this sphere for years Merchant Research and Consulting, Ltd. has gotten deep experience and wide knowledge in researching chemical products markets. From focusing on local markets to covering global ones the Company brings high-quality research services to its clients. Merchant Research and Consulting, Ltd. annually attracts hundreds of clients and establishes long-term cooperation with them.

Merchant Research and Consulting, Ltd. dedicated team consists of PhD and Master Degree specialists in Chemistry, Marketing and IT, and business professionals. The Company permanently monitors the chemical industry markets what helps it to always present rele-vant up-to-date information to the clients.

Among services Merchant Research and Consulting, Ltd. provides are:

  • Market reports preparation
  • Research customization
  • Market monitoring

Market reports

Merchant Research and Consulting, Ltd. offers research reports on more than 150 chemical products. Each study provides deep analysis of a particular market. Reports cover multiple parameters such as capacity, supply/demand, prices, feedstock market, export and import, manufacturers and suppliers. All the reports include market forecasts.

Customized research

Each market research report can be change according to a client needs. Extra analysis can be provided to expand the report.

In case the market of the interest is not in the list Merchant Research and Consulting, Ltd. can conduct a separate research in accordance with client’s request and TOC.

Market monitoring

In addition to market reports preparation Merchant Research and Consulting, Ltd. offers monthly market monitoring service. The service covers polymers, alcohols and organic acids with derivatives, other petrochemicals, and inorganic chemicals markets. On a geographical scale Europe, Asia Pacific, North America and Latin America regions are covered. Usual monthly market monitoring report includes weekly prices, market players’ activities, analytics, legislation, etc.

Our Clients

Among our clients there are:

Our Clients

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