Customized Research

We are eager to deliver the best market intelligence possible
to our valuable clients.

Merchant Research and Consulting Ltd. offers reliable and effective consultancy services to assist our clients in the development of their current business scenarios and strategic plans.

Our consultancy services fall into three broad categories:

1) Market assessment

  • business environment (key market figures, incl. market size, price tendencies, producers, suppliers, consumers, technologies, patents, etc.);
  • market behavior forecasts and demand forecasts;
  • feedstock market analysis;
  • product and market potential;
  • regional market analysis;
  • opportunities and threats (incl. choice of prospective markets and effective marketing strategies).

2) Feasibility studies and preparation of investment projects

  • development of business plans and investment projects in accordance with the criteria of the financial sector (banks, leasing, insurance, etc.);
  • economic feasibility analysis;
  • company viability assessment;
  • express analysis and in-depth assessment of chemical enterprises seeking investments.

3) Industry analysis

  • constant monitoring of the main sectors of the chemical industry and related industries;
  • unparalleled flexibility of the industry analysis (any product or groups of products).

This analysis features:

  • market condition and estimates, market forecast
  • chemical product ranges, trademarks, analogous products, application areas
  • regional and global producers, consumers and traders (including contact details)

For each chemical product in any country or region we analyze the following elements:

  • production and its capacities
  • consumption structure and volume
  • market price trends
  • exports and imports
  • existing technologies
  • feedstock market condition
  • market news and forecasts

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