Full List of Expandable Polystyrene Conference 2012 Participating Companies Announced

LONDON – Merchant Research & Consulting Ltd is happy to announce the full list of the companies to take part in this year’s Expandable Polystyrene International Round Table Conference.

The Conference will be held during September, 13-14 in Warsaw, the picturesque Polish capital, at the InterContinental Hotel.

We are proud to have the representatives of the following companies as participants at the Event:

  • Repsol

Repsol is one of the world key companies with deep experience and large-scale success within the gas industry. Its activities in exploration, production, refining, marketing have gained Repsol its standing and the ability to venture in the strategic markets. Another priority engagement of the company is the search for new alternative energy sources. World’s most demanding markets are sure to enjoy the best benefits from partnering with Repsol.

  • Styrochem

Styrochem has been one of the leading EPS producers in the Nordic region for 40 years now. The company manufactures all variations of high quality grades for packaging and construction application. The company’s key involvements include all frost and perimeter application and packaging for any kind of frozen food. Also, due to the unique grade, antistatic packaging falls within the area of production at Styrochem.

  • BASF

BASF is a chemical company with big name and invaluable importance within the industry. “We create chemistry for a sustainable future”, states their motto, which highlights the company’s wide experience, global presence, and future-aiming attitude.

  • Synthos S.A.

Synthos S.A. is not only a respectful and large-scale chemical materials producer in Poland, but the country’s one and only synthetic rubbers and polystyrenes manufacturer. One of its major products, E-SBR emulsion rubber, has gained the company a major position in Europe. Moreover, Synthos S.A. is regarded as the third largest producer of polystyrene for expansion. The key product groups that the company is engaged with include synthetic rubbers and latexes, styrene plastics, vinyl and acrylic dispersions.

  • PAK Petrochemical Industries (Pvt) Ltd

PAK Petrochemical Industries Ltd is a major Pakistan-based manufacturer of Polystyrene. The company’s most significant product groups cover GPPS, HIPS & EPS, putting its Pakistan combined capacity at 100,000 MT/annum, while its another plant in Vietnam boasts of 40,000 MT/annum capacity.

PAK Petrochemical Industries Ltd is an important exporter of these products to the markets in the Middle East, Europe & Africa.


Given the large and fully active gas processing facilities, SIBUR has already gained its key role as the petrochemical producer in Russia and Eastern Europe. This leader of Russian EPS production puts all efforts in achieving the overall capacity of 111 MT per year feedstock for further production of monomers, synthetic rubbers and plastics.

  • Czech EPS Association

Starting its history in 1998 and being a member of EUMEPS since 2001, the today’s Czech EPS Association has already 11 members and 4 supporters, which altogether make up approximately 90% of the EPS consumption in the Czech Republic. Czech EPS Association is known as a significant player within the EU-27 chemicals market.

  • Chemieanlagenbau Chemnitz GmbH

Chemieanlagenbau Chemnitz (CAC) is a long-established and trusted company involved in such industry fields as refinery and gas technology, petrochemicals, and inorganic, fine and specialty chemicals. Comprehensive engineering services are the core of the activities of CAC. Thanks to its vast and solid experience, the company offers a number of services to its home-based and international clients – from the basic planning and construction to the plants commissioning.

  • Gazprom neftekhim Salavat / Газпром нефтехим Cалават

Gazprom neftekhim Salavat is a recognized major within the Russian petrochemicals industry – with over 60 years of experience, a whole row of awards both on international and home level, and certification in accordance with ISO 9001 and 14001 standards, Gazprom neftekhim Salavat is known as an attractive and reliable supplier and exporter. The company offers a range of more than 140 product items and is engaged in continuous improvement of its management structure, manufacturing facilities, and product control systems.

  • Gulf Organization for Industrial Consulting

GOIC is a consultancy company that sees its core mission in enhancing the industrial activities in the Gulf region. Its activities spread over Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kingdom of Bahrain, Sultanate of Oman, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen.  GOIC provides unparalleled benefits to its clients within the Gulf Cooperation Council countries by offering valuable industry information for decision makers, supporting the start-up industrial projects, and promoting investments.

  • Belneftekhim 

Belneftekhim is a key petrochemicals market player in Belarus, and an important and trusted partner of international producers. It is the largest domestic industrial enterprise that performs in a number of areas, such as crude oil production, refining and transportation, oil product sales, scientific research and development projects. Its total production encompasses over 500 types of petrochemical and chemical products, and the company has an established and developed distribution network in foreign markets.


POLYIMPORT LTD is a shipping, logistics, and distribution company active in the CIS region. The company has successful credentials for its services – Polyimport’s major area of work includes chemical products and raw materials delivery, shipments of chemicals within the agricultural and industrial sectors, complex logistics services. As part of its work, the company also offers the customized purchase and shipment of specific chemicals.

For more information on the Expandable Polystyrene International Round Table Conference, the agenda, fees, and further details visit the Conference Page.



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