Sulphuric Acid Demand Rises Amid Tightening Supply

Sulfuric acid is one of the most fundamental chemical building blocks, serving as a keystone for many modern industries, branches of economy and chemical products. On a corporate level, wide applicability of sulfuric acid stipulates a multiplicity of market players with varied production capacities. These capacities can range from as low as the sub-5000 mt/y level in the case of companies like Rütgers N.V. or Arsol Aromatics GmbH & Co. to as high as almost 14 mln mt/y in case of Mosaic Co. or over 7 mln mt/y operated by OCP Group. The regional scatter of these capacities is also high, while their localization may depend on proximity to consumers, copper/other metal smelter plants, the overall state of the chemical industry, dominant macroeconomic trends, environmental legislature, and other factors. In global terms, universality of sulphuric acid application means fairly well-balanced production capacity structure worldwide, commonly dominated by China (followed by the USA, India, Russia, and Morocco) and with more or less equal shares of other world regions).

The current trend of the global sulphuric acid market may be characterised by tight supply, rise in prices, and robust demand for sulphuric acid in many regions of the world and various sectors, including metallurgy and agriculture. The situation follows the analogous scenario, which dominated the sulphuric acid market in 2017. Apart from the impact of traditional factors, like the influence of maintenance activities at smelter plants, rising feedstock sulphur costs or sulphuric acid demand growth, the tight supply situation on the sulphuric acid market is exacerbated by new production-affecting environmental legislation imposed in China.

More information on the world’s sulphuric acid market can be found in the in-demand research report “Sulfuric Acid: 2018 World Market Outlook and Forecast up to 2027”.

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