Lanxess Takes Lead in Production of Elemental Bromine and Bromine-Based Flame Retardants

Bromine-based flame retardants remain one of the main bromine outlets. In general, the flame retardant additives market is expected to grow by 3-4 % per year. Many companies view this bromine application area as highly prospective.

For this reason, in 2016, Lanxess acquired the business associated with bromine-containing flame retardants and elemental bromine from Chemtura. This was done under the aegis of the company’s additives business expansion strategy. Nowadays, Lanxess manufactures multiple varieties of flame retardants under different brand-names, thus fine-tuning its flame retardant product range subject to required characteristics, content, delivery form or application area. The company also puts major emphasis on minimizing consumer exposure to chemicals. To reach this objective, Lanxess produces reactive, oligomeric or polymeric bromine-based flame retardants with low bioaccumulation and low volatility. For instance, Lanxess manufactures a bromine-based polymeric flame retardant brand, known as Emerald Innovation 3000. It represents a vivid example of such products with low exposure of chemicals to consumers. This is a highly innovative product used for insulation purposes in order to improve fire safety and reduce the flammability of polystyrene foam products. Lanxess remains one of the major manufacturers of bromine, bromine precursors and bromine-containing flame retardants.

Key bromine-manufacturing companies

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